We are all aware of how much rainfall the lower mainland gets, but as a homeowner are you aware of the condition of the piping system that takes the rain and ground water away from your home? Your perimeter drainage is a system of piping that takes all rain water and ground water away from your foundation out to the city service, ditch or gravel pitt depending on your location. We take pride in our ability to provide homeowners a drainage system installation quickly and successfully. Our installation crews can install a complete perimeter drain and sump pump system in no time. Once we're done, we'll provide you with a written Guarantee for your system.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Camera Inspections
  • Excavations and Installations
  • Pump Maintenance

What are you looking for when you spend money on plumbing work? Prompt service? Quality workmanship? A solid company? A fair price? Pacific Western Plumbing & Drainage meets all of those standards and more.



Pacific Western Plumbing has years of experience in sink, drain, faucet repair or replacement and knows the proper steps to take in order to complete any plumbing replacement project. It is not always as easy as it looks.


Pacific Western Plumbing takes pride in meeting the needs of businesses the Surrey area. Become our next satisfied customer by scheduling our commercial plumbing installation and repair services today.


We guarantee to solve any drainage problem that you may have. Our drainage services include hydro flushing kitchen lines and drain tile, and using our top of the line equipment to snake sewer mains or any other drainage pipes.


Our expert emergency response plumbers are available 24/7, 365 days a year to promptly and competently attend to any plumbing related problem.